AKSOS and yellow arrow: Maximum performance in numbers and IT

AKSOS is an accounting firm that values ​​no-nonsense. Krijn de Lange, partner at AKSOS, likes to explain this: Innovation is something you can pursue. Ultimately, we do our work for the customer and we have to contribute something.Digital resources are there to support you.When we noticed that our application landscape was no longer keeping up with our needs, we heard that something had to be done. In short, we wanted to go from a slow server to a smooth cloud.” That sounded like music to yellow arrow's ears. 

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On the way to the cloud 

The performance of the old ICT environment left much to be desired.Krijn says: Much of the software we use in accountancy does not yet meet the standards we would like to use.You are dealing with essential applications that still have to run from a server, with all the negative consequences that entails. If you have to perform a certain action a hundred times in a row and wait three seconds each time you press 'enter', you cannot exactly call it a smooth user experience. In addition, you run the risk of downtime, which is completely disastrous for an office with 70 employees. We are very much into automation and the functional use of new technologies. That is why we entered into a tender process for the party that could properly take us to the cloud. Because it was clear that we wanted to go in that direction.” 

The classic server model has been retired 

The various parties that were allowed to consider the case all had a different approach. Krijn continues: “Most IT parties continued to push for a solution in which a traditional data center with ditto server equipment played an important role. Only yellow arrow immediately said that we should follow a “cloud unless” policy and implement the new workplace accordingly. That appealed to us, because that was what we had in mind.If the corona pandemic has taught us anything, it is that you want to be able to collaborate with each other regardless of time, location and device.An on premises solution simply does not give you that freedom. We log in with our laptops to an externally hosted environment where you then start your applications. That used to be fine, but the limitations of that method are now becoming increasingly important. Innovation and flexibility are hard to find and it is also relatively expensive. You sit behind a machine whose power you do not use, because you rely on the external server.” 


“In short, we wanted to go from a slow server to a smooth cloud.” 

Krijn de Lange

A fresh start with fresh tools 

yellow arrow was allowed to make beautiful things come true.Krijn continues: Many of the applications we used could be housed in the Microsoft cloud.The more traditional applications that ran on servers were a bit more difficult to make accessible. In order to get off to a good start, we have decided, in consultation with yellow arrow, to purchase a new laptop for each employee at the same time as renewing the work concept. These laptops have been installed by yellow arrow from a centrally managed solution, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, in a uniform manner with Windows 11. Within this management solution, all settings that are made during and after installation are recorded, so that devices can be installed in exactly the same way in the future. way to be arranged. A great starting point!” 

From dusty to streamlined 

Back to the traditional applications that were difficult to move to the cloud.Krijn: yellow arrow wanted to make the server applications as accessible to us as cloud applications. They did this with Microsoft's Azure Virtual Desktop. A nice bonus is that for services like these, the technologies that ensure safe and robust access are already made. These parts are often very complex to set up yourself. By placing the traditional server applications in Azure Virtual Desktop, we were able to offer them in a 'cloud-like' manner in a modern guise in a web portal. Now all our applications can be accessed in an unambiguous way from our laptops and other devices. These applications, in addition to other relevant information from the organization, can be accessed from one central portal, Workspace 365. Very easy for our employees.All this happens in a smooth and fast way that was previously unimaginable. 

Future and cooperation 

How did the collaboration go? “I can be brief about that,” says Krijn. “It was perfect. The people at yellow arrow think along with you and understand where you want to go. They pay attention to the required digital skills and ensure that everyone becomes familiar with the new tools that are introduced. You don't have to explain what you mean and they provide solutions to problems that you have not even defined yourself. 



"A nice side effect of all the short lines of communication with yellow arrow is that we sit at the table with them, so to speak, during the development process." 

Krijn de Lange

In a nutshell 

They continue to immerse themselves in your branch of sport and the software applications involved. They come up with further developments and improvements that we had not yet thought of, but that fit perfectly with our business. The choices we make together are bringing us closer to a completely web-based working method. A nice side effect of all the short lines of communication with Yellow Arrow is that we sit at the table with them, as it were, during the thinking and development processes. We can give our opinion about new functionalities and thus help shape them. That fits perfectly with an office like ours, where we rely on the meaningful and the logical.We are also very satisfied with the support they provide to us. Reports we make to them are quickly addressed and yellow arrow actively informs us of new and relevant developments. What else do you want?